Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cave Video

The entrance to the bat cave.

In the bat cave. Bats everywhere. We did disturb the bats unfortunately but we tried to keep that to a minimum.

Approaching the exit. I cant see a way out.

Oh, there it is. It's through that 6" crack. To bad for me because I had a big breakfast and cant fit. I guess I'll just hold my breath and dive down and swim underwater to the other side...
I had a little apprehension doing just that. I was wearing a live vest and a backpack. It made diving down difficult and I didn't want to be pinned to the top of the hole under water. Second, I was concerned about all the straps and crap hanging off of me getting stuck on a rock. You can see the rock is not smooth. I should have taken my life vest and backpack off before going under like Katrina did. That was fun and we survived!


Anonymous said...

Jeff & Katrina,

Thanks for sharing your cave expedition pictures and videos. It looks like a lot of fun and very educational. You guys look as if you were in the "Journey to the Center of the Earth" movie. I enjoyed hearing your "espeleologo" friends speak in boricua spanish.

Take care,


Rosa said...

I guess you guys are not claustophobic, I would have died. I am breaking into hives just looking at

I do enjoy your adventures...not for myself but am glad someone else enjoys such adventures.

Shelby White said...

That is totally awesome and I know I would get claustophobic forsure.

Anonymous said...

I liked the videos posted! WOW its look very fun...
Harry Rosado