Monday, January 5, 2009

Always Another Project...but This One is Big

This is the bottom of our property alongside the driveway where we have papayas and guineos and assorted native trees and such growing. It was a forest of bad trees and over-the-head grass when we moved here and the remnants of a five string barbed wire part cyclone fence ran across the bottom near the neighbor's house. This is the house where Hamilton (previous owner) and his family lived while they built our house. Paco lived there with his wife and couple kids until he died a year and a half ago. He unfortunately was the one who kept the place up and did all the household chores. Now that he is gone it has gone to hell since his wife in not quite right in her ceiling. She's got a couple nasty dogs that she doesn't always feed who run around and kill chickens and who knows what. A bad dog (I used to think there were no bad dogs only bad owners but I believe differently now) uses this route as well. After having a missing and a dead cat it is time for a real fence.

First Jeff weed whacked the previous fence line and even whacked the neighbors entire yard (didn't get a thank you even) in preparation for the big job. My part was to remove the five lines of barbed wire and pull old chain link out of the dirt and clear the area for pole holes.

This is where I whine about my wrists. But I can whine - I've had carpal tunnel surgery in both and a cyst removed twice - wonder why? My fingers were sore too and I of course got many cuts - barbed wire is nasty (another reason to get it out).

This area was at one time a nice cut but has since eroded and the slope makes things very difficult. There is one big hole up where Jeff is that we fill with debris since it is eroding. I'll put the old chain link over the pile and grow things through it I think to help stabilize. I've already planted vetiver grass which is doing a great job of preventing more loss.
Here's a pretty good view of the terrain. Very difficult. Plus we don't have water down there. We have to mix cement (for the posts) on the very steep driveway and haul it down the slippery slope. It is very steep and uneven. Jeff decided to mix the cement up top and wheel it down. I heard a slipping sound and had barely enough time to hop into the truck before it careened down the driveway on its own! Emergency brake was on, It was in park. We had a lot of cement and other weighty thing in the back and maybe when we took that stuff out it decided to slip - freaked me out! Now we have wheels turned (duh) toward the harmless side and blocks under the wheels. Oh the terror - as if the project weren't horrid enough.

We went with 6 feet fencing. It is a little high on the driveway side but won't be much above ground level toward the middle, then we can drop to 5 foot stuff as the slope levels out. Lots of pole cutting and way to much thinking. This is the most difficult thing we've done by far and is taking some time - thanks to the kings Jeff has some time off. Thanks to crappy weather diving isn't really a good plan either and there isn't a caving opportunity so here we are doing fencing. This fence won't be going anywhere for 20 or more years. Nice deep holes, thick poles and all the expensive braces and brackets and such. We figure it will be about $10 a linear foot for the deal and it is 115 feet long in this spot. There are plans for a short one on the side all the stray cats come from. Not that it will stop them, but will stop dogs and be a cat deterrent. Can't fence it all, but there doesn't seem to be a threat from above - it is forest land and there isn't access.

Here Jeff is dwarfed on the neighbor's side getting poles in and figuring out how thing will hang. It is requiring far more thought than we anticipated. We are pretty good at doing things but this one is hard!

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HawaiianDane said...

Wow - what a chore! That had to be a hard fence to put up! And so TRUE about the NASTY dogs in PR! There are so many loose dogs it is sad. I used to volunteer for the PR Humane Society and 'dropped' off / intact dogs were a real problem there.