Friday, August 29, 2008

Muchos Gatos- Cat in a Bird Cage (not on a hot tin roof)

When you look at their little faces you know you have to do something, but there are so many cats roaming around that it is difficult to decide what you can and can't do. Who needs help the most? Who gets along with whom? Who do you want in the house and who will be on the outside? Who gets all their shots? Who gets wormed and gets monthly (costly )heart/whip/hook/tapeworm medication. Chicken Little was the first on our list since he was a friendly little guy who came to us with a group of chickens and wanted to be in the big house. We love him. Then Princess, a feral little brat, showed up with a huge barbed wire gash in her side so she got the full treatment - gash sewn up, spay, all the shots, worming etc. We still can only touch her when she is eating, but she slept in the house for the first time last night in the laundry basket! Then came Bepo, who we think is the mother of Junior and Princess. She was in great need since she had already had a couple litters we think. She got spayed and the shots and everything and is doing well. But a couple days ago it was Pollo Pequeno's big day.

Yes, it is a bird cage you see Pollo Pequeno in. We couldn't catch her or touch her so we started to feed her in the neighbor's bird cage and a couple days ago we slammed it shut! Chicken and Princess gather round telling her that they have been "in the box" too and it turns out alright!

The night before, Chicken and Pollo (you can see how she looks like a small Chicken Little) curled up together before he came in for the night.

Chicken is whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

Maybe he heard us talking and is telling her it will be alright? Nice moment for the little guys.
Junior is next on the list for the "spay/neuter day" on the 6th. He is a big boy and very friendly with us so he will get the total treatment. Zoom in on his little face - he looks like a jack-o-lantern. Anyway, we are doing our best for these cats to keep them from reproducing and being ill. We don't want more and try to discourage others from joining in. Each cat can get pregnant every three months and have 3-8 kitties, so each one that we spay prevents 32 new cats from showing up in the year. We hope we can keep our little group happy and healthy!

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