Friday, August 29, 2008

Botas por Ellas y Otro Cosas

Finally, after trying to find work boots for women I hit the payload! Hurry hurry ladies, make tracks to Sears (believe it or not) and pick up some boots! I have been looking for a long time without any success for kids boots or ladies boots and have dreaded a trip to San Juan. At an unplanned trip to the mall I see the sign - "Nueva...botas por ellas" and if you buy one pair the second pair is 50 percent off! A double good day! I now have two size 6 women's boots that are perfect. There was one 5 1/2 left and a lot of bigger sizes. Who knows if this will be a permanent item or not. We've decided we can't "maintain" the whole property. Some of it we will have to let go, so we have totally cleaned up part of the upper area by cutting the "bad" trees, piling up downed trunks and sticks and stuff and moving rocks out of the way of the trimmer. I am raking downed grass to where I want to put trails (to help terrace it) and then we will leave it for 6 months. Wish us luck!

Finally we have our truck rack! We gave a neighborhood guy that Hamilton (previous owner of our house and good friend) knew a couple hundred bucks about a month and a half ago so he could build us a rack for the truck. We were starting to think this would not happen and bango...he comes through. When Jeff brought the truck over to put it on we discovered that the truck bed is not square - there is a two inch difference between the front of the bed and the back - who knew? A little bit more cutting and welding and here it is.

This will make kayaking easier - much easier to strap them down side by side without things hanging out and moving around.

Here are my first Ylang ylang blooms. It seems like I just planted the darned thing and it has got a dozen small flowers on it. When the humidity is up they smell very very good despite their small size!


Anonymous said...

Good find! And smart to buy two pairs: Who knows if you'll ever find them again... :-) Are they comfortable? Miri

Anonymous said...

They are extremely comfortable and feel broken in already after a couple 1/2 days in the yard! I figure I'll never see boots again in my size... and besides the 50 percent off the second pair it was another 20 off if you used the Sears card. 2 pair of boots for 107bucks. katrina

stefan said...

Funny, girls comment on the boots and I noticed the truck racks immediately! I have been looking online to see if I can buy pre-fab racks but the shipping would be crazy expensive. My next step was to go to the steel guy when we have him weld our gate and get him to make us racks just like yours....AND, we'll check to see if the bed on the Toyota is square first.

We have a great little Community. :-)