Friday, August 15, 2008

Bepo the Cat's Big Day or Wipeout?

The day started out rainy - something new for us, usually it is sunny in the morning always. Bepo the cat needed to be bribed with food so she could go off to the vet for "the surgery." I was hoping she would be there and yes...all the kitties were huddled under a bench ready for breakfast. We put her in a carrier without incident (different story than with Princess), put her in the car and the game show began! Here I am doing little steps down the "slippery driveway obstacle course." Very slippery and wet. (Note the new wall on the left.)

Next up was the mud pit - no sucker punch on the wall though.

Then we had to drive through the water cannons which spewed mega water directly onto the windshields of passing cars!

More water cannons.

We dropped off the cat and returned home to the final obstacle - the "closed and locked rejas gate" and "water slide" which I had to navigate to get to the house. Jeff had to drive the truck-with-spinning-wheels up the slippery slope. I'll walk, thanks! We have a rerun at around 4 when we pick up the cat and then we start the reality show called "Bepo lives in the shower for 5 days." Oh - and the Weather Channel says this is "light rain." In the same breath they also say to expect "flash floods."

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Anonymous said...

I talked to friends in PR this AM about your current storm, and the scuttlebutt is that climate change has caused hurricanes to miss Puerto Rico, and they expect this phenomenon to continue. That sure would be nice, but it seems the SE US is getting them instead. Fran