Monday, October 8, 2007

Past Few Great Dives, Only One or Two Left...

10/07/07 Dalco wall and minesweeper.
A unknown dive legend once told me that "Dalco is diveable on any flood current". This is counter to what all the books, internet, and word of mouth advise. Yesterday we tested this advice. The first team dropped in at max flood. There report was 40 - 50 foot vis and very little current. Then it was our turn. Same awesome results. With the vis so nice we were able to clearly see the bottom of Dalco wall over 150' down!
Our next dive was the minesweeper near by. The vis was good and this was a good dive to do once or twice. We did this dive at predicted slack at the narrows. There was current here so I think we were late by an hour.
10/06/07 Alki Marker bottle hunt.
In the Stroke were Rob, Bob, myself, the X, Bertha, and Mildred. With the loud thunder echoing from Frankenstroke (the 40 year old 2 stroke mix and match motor) we were up and on a plane! 3 minutes later we were at the dive site. We knew not to anchor in ferry traffic so we picked a good spot and dropped anchor. Geared up we scootered over and down to the anchor to make sure the boat would still be there when we surfaced. We zoomed over to the slope and began our hunt for old bottles. Vis was so nice we had no problems staying together when we zoomed all around. We spent most of the dive at 80' since some of us were diving air (gasp). I found a nice embossed medicine bottle and gave it to Bob.
09/30/07 Matts Matts bay and Possession Pt fingers.
Since Alan's boat is so fast and the weather was fair we decided to try Matts Matts. We arrived in an hour. The dive was like Cove 2 on steroids, maybe. Then we hit the Possession Pt fingers on the way back in. Vis was 40'. The dive was excellent.
09/22/07 4 mile Barges.
Vis was 50'. You could see both barges at the same time. Jeff W and I circled them twice.

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