Thursday, October 18, 2007


Goodbyes: Being a pragmatic, non-weepy person I am kind of amazed at the difficulty of saying goodbye to people. I had a nice brunch with a couple gals (Sandy and Linda) I have known since we all worked together on the Kitsap Penninsula in the 1980s. Could it really have been the 80's? I don't even remember being in my 20's and it is odd to think of how long I have had these friendships... Marriages, divorces, illnesses, kids getting married, relocations, losing pets, all of it accumulates until you forget it really has happened. Then I went to one of the final meetings with my every--other- monday night photographer friends. My salvation. I have known this mini group for 9 years! When we first started meeting together I had never shown a slide to anyone. Now suddenly I am eating Ron's wife's infamous gingerbread (for the last time), laughing about Joe's creative card (what was he like in his 30's?) and seeing people I feel I was just starting to get comfortable with drift to the outer edges of my life. Then there is Len. I don't even know what to say here. Knowing Len (fellow photographer and my biggest fan) gave me confidence, computer skills and a great appreciate for doing what you love whatever it is. The man is passionate about flying, soaring, building things, photographing everything and living life in general the hardest you can. Saying goodbye made my face fat with fluids - they oozed out on the drive home. So for the people in my life - know that I appreciate you. One regret - I wish I'd made more effort and time to attempt to know people better. It is scary, I'm not good at it, it doesn't come easy or natural to me but that shouldn't be an excuse. But it is mine. So most goodbyes are floating in my mind as I sit in an empty house looking ahead...

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