Thursday, October 18, 2007

More Bubble Wrap and Boxes Please... Shipping a Compressor...

Sending a compressor, scuba tanks/gear, and personal effects can add up. I constantly find myself bringing more boxes and bubble wrap home from work. Good thing its free and re-using is green. Strapping tape however, is expensive. I keep running out and having to buy more.
The compressor system will be about 8 boxes, each box close to 70 pounds. 70 pounds is the max weight the post office will ship. Try sending a 5HP single phase motor. I had to remove the rotor, end caps, and even cut the 20' cord. Even then the Stator weighed 60#'s! Include 8#'s of packaging and your right up against the limit.
Sending two AL80 scuba tanks in the same box also gets you right up against the limit.
So far we have shipped about 30 boxes. I still have a lot of packing to do.
We took the cat to the vet to get the required health certificate. He is finally all healed up since we have kept him inside for the last few months!
We sold the van yesterday. I started the price at 7K (book value and what the DMV is taxing the buyers for!) No interest, then 6500, this time a few emails, then 6000. I had about 6 people respond and we emailed back and forth but only one test drive and one no show. Then I listed for 5500 and had a bunch of people respond on the Second day after the price was reduced. Why the second day? Anyways a nice couple came at 9pm, looked it over and tried to find a way to get me the cash. The called the next morning saying they were on their way and stopping at the bank for cash. I canceled the other people that were lined up.

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