Friday, November 14, 2014

We are Moving Soon - Final Views Out the Door

Yes, we did just get here a mere 8 months ago but we are on the move again! Fortunately this time it is only a mile or so away and will hopefully be a 5-10 year stop on the Kruse adventure train! Moving is exciting, stressful, and a major pain in the ass. We have a whole lot less stuff than most but it is still a lot of stuff! I digress. The short story is that we are buying a house and have about 2 1/2 weeks left in the rental. We are fortunate enough to be buying a house with spectacular views of the Sandias and a peek a boo view of Cabezon. We will be on top of a mesa, so we won't have the rolling hills view we have now but I am sure the same sunrise and sunset views (minus Cabezone) will be spectacular! Anyway, here are some final views "out the door" from our rental.

Couldn't resist adding our coyote family...I am sure they wander a large range. The little orange patch of changing tree colors on the Sandia Mountains will be our same view in the new house. Lots to look forward too!

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