Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Leonora Curtin Wetland Preserve

A couple weekends back we went on a drive to Pecos, ended up on a little mountain journey before finding Pecos, toured the ruins and then headed to Harry's Roadhouse for food at the recommendation of the park ranger. Harry's Roadhouse ended up being somewhere we'd definitely eat again - I had a veggie burger with beet/feta sauce and arugula and Jeff had a turkey reuben. The whole menu looked good! After that we were driving home and I spotted a bunch of fall colors along the highway and thought I saw a brown park sign. We took the off ramp, went on the frontage road and ended up at the Leonora Curtin Wetland Preserve which is managed by the Santa Fe Botanical Gardens. There also happened to be an art installation throughout the area! We had only 45 minutes but managed to see most of it. There was a lot of color and some of the "art" was kind of cool. After having hail in the mountains it was nice to have sunshine and this is a peach of a place that  I have no idea how you would actually know about it. Anyway, I took some photos of our first fall here. We thought these little ladders were kind of cool - who comes out to play on them at night?

We loved the jackrabbit complete with the giant ears. the first time we saw a real one we didn't even know what it was!

I didn't photograph it, but there were some installations underwater in the pond. I was enamored with the reflections. So it was a peachy little spot and good find. A very nice spot to stop when returning from places up north. When the colors were really going it would be even nicer but still, how can you beat this?

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