Saturday, November 9, 2013


Puerto Rico has been a great adventure but we have decided it is not for us.  6 years has been enough and we are moving on from the Island of Enchantment to the Land of Enchantment for reasons too numerous to get into. So our lovely house is FOR SALE! If you have considered moving to Puerto Rico now is the time! Let me tell you about our house. When we moved from San German to Moca we had learned quite a bit about The Way Things Are. We had some basic requirements that were VERY difficult to full fill. We did not want direct neighbors. We wanted land with mature trees- we moved here to enjoy the fruit and exotic flowers and trees. We wanted views. We wanted somewhere inexpensive and breezy and as quiet as possible. Puerto Rico is NEVER quiet (or it is until it isn't) but we knew what to look for. We wanted to be close to what we do but still rural. We didn't want a Puerto Rico Shoebox, we wanted something clean and open with windows we could see out of and enjoy breezes from. This house is all that and more! 

The house is 8 minutes off of 111 via 125. You pop out at San Sebastian. 19 minutes gets you to the Aguadilla waterfront (diving and surfing and Crashboating). 25 minutes via 112 gets you to Honeywell/HP where the only jobs are and also to Jobos (surfing). 15 minutes gets you to the Isabella shopping center or in the other direction to San Sebastian shopping or Moca shopping and doctors and car stuff etc. 30 minutes and you are in cave country.
We have views out EVERY window on ALL sides. Views of magotes, Desecheo Island, valleys, sunrise and sunset. Because the house is on the top of a ridge we get the views and breezes or even wind around this time of year. It is an awesome house for weather watching since you can see storms all around before they ever get to you if they do. The house is open with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms upstairs with a living room, dining room, kitchen/breakfast bar. The refrigerator is 2 years old with a bottom freezer. Stove is electric and fully functional and the slot has a gas line if you want to change it. The cabinets are clean and modern. Unusual for here.

Downstairs originally was part of the marquesina (carport). There is a large TV room, a full bathroom and bedroom. There is still room for a car/workshop/toy storage as well as a covered carport attached if you want to use the toy area for a shop/storage. Out the screened sliders is the covered deck which looks out over the magotes and landscaped yard.

Downstairs bedroom fits a queen bed, couch and table and has loads of storage. This bathroom is the upstairs main bathroom.
The covered porch wraps around 3 sides for sunrise, sunset, and yard views. The umbrella shaped tree is a quenepa and that is the neighbor side. Both upstairs rooms fit a king bed and chairs/dressers. Both have lots of shelving/storage. Both have windows on two sides. There are no neighbors on 3 sides and it is doubtful there ever will be. We tried to buy the property directly next to us and came to an agreement with the neighbor but he doesn't legally own it. He couldn't sell it. The back of the barbed wired fenced part drops off probably 80 feet after our property (no neighbor potential). 1/3 of the property is chain link fenced and ready for a dog. I painted the house a year ago inside and out. We put on a Danosa roof which has a transferable warranty. There is a very large cistern with pump and back up pump. There is HOT WATER throughout the house (a luxury most houses don't have). If you know anyone interested route them to the blog and have them email me. It is a great house and if we were going to stay here this is about as good as it gets. It is also priced to sell at 170,000 with a substantial cash discount!!!  Someone is going to get a wonderful place to live with lots of fresh fruit all the time: quenepas, guayaba, guanabana, acerola, nispero, canistel, 20 avocado trees that fruit from May until December (still have 2 trees of fruit now). There are lots of guineos - red ones, manzanas, ninos and big ones. Lots of coconut, a fiberless mango, red corazones and pink corazones, cocoa, etc and lots of special trees and plants. Also a yellow and red flambouyant that bloom profusely and an Ylang ylang. I even have a covered area of raised benches for vegetable gardening. It is ready to live in and doesn't require any work. We haven't lived in high desert or desert of any kind but Jeff has traveled to the Albuquerque area for work many times and our hiking/biking adventures will be starting up soon! As always, you'll be able to read about our new adventures hopefully in the new year!


Anonymous said...

I hope that you can find a home for all of the cats.

Jeff and Katrina Kruse said...

Never fear Anonymous- we are open to placing a couple of them (we are not sure they will make the journey well or hang around) but the plan right now is to take them. Complicated and not sure how to hide them until we can buy a house but leaving them here is certain death. We will take them and foster a couple until we buy a house if we have to! K

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Are you really moving to the Southwest? I'm here now after having been on the island for 5 years. The desert is great -- very mystical and beautiful. We love it here. Not missing the humidity at all. Food and housing are very reasonable.

Wish you guys the best!

Anonymous said...

120,000 plus IVU

Britton said...

Well I can't say I didn't see it coming, but you guys definitely gave it a good shot (2 houses and several years).

Nobody said you had to like it, and nobody said you have to stay.

Your house is beautiful and I am sure you won't have any trouble finding a buyer.

Jeff and Katrina Kruse said...

Anonymous - we think it will be a good choice for us...we are hoping to live in Placitas. I need to stay and sell the house here so things will be rough for a while. One thing about PR - it helps you refine why is important and makes you appreciate things you took for granted! Can't wait (but have to) K

Anonymous said...

How about 100,000 without the cats..

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is the great thing about having lived in PR -- when you get back to the States, you're appreciative of so many minor things people who've never left the States take for granted. Like appointments, food, libraries, sidewalks, etc! Good luck with everything!

sunpup said...

For every grumpy Yankee that complains about Puerto Rico there are four more who love it to death. Every place on this planet has good and bad about it including the states.
Basically you can live here far better on much less money than most anyplace in the states. Cheap places in the states have so many disadvantages that they are nit worth considering.
Of course it is a different culture somewhat (most of the differences like human kindness and toleration are superior) and the major language is Spanish, but Anglos are very welcome (as opposed to another island paradise,Hawaii, where locals do not like Yankees). I have been around much of this world, and you cannot find a place with so much variation even in climate. Originally from Florida, I was amazed to find comfortable climates requiring no ac or heat with NO mosquitos.
Yes, there are many quiet hideaways where you hear only nature's sounds, and they are near urban areas with as much to offer as any comparable location in the states.
Utilities are cheap and government services are mire readily available than in the states. Go to a mayor's office in PR, and he will see you and help you with any problem. Try that in the states. Medical attention, doctors, and hospitals are excellent and attentive, though you may wait longer in a doctor's office. If you are over 60, there are many benefits.
San Juan, the largest city, actually compares better than any mainland city its size from cheaper housing (at any quality or price level) to shopping, to restaurants, to things to do. It is also one of the oldest cities in America for the history buff.
I could go on and on, but I never understand Anglos who complain. I think they are just homesick.

Kellie said...

How many acres is your land?
It is beautiful.