Friday, November 8, 2013

Bi-Polar PR

Parque de Moca is a nice park off highway 111. I have started walking there as a change of pace and a way to combine a couple trips out and away from the house. I only see one or two people there ever and maybe it has something to do with the sign - a plant blocks it so you don't really know it is a park. This place is garbage ANYWHERE. No stray animals. No people sitting around hanging out. There is a soft track that is in the sun but a nice place to walk that is flat and good on the feet. When I get tired of that I do a figure 8 loop on cement that has an incline to it. This part is in the shade.

After the track and the loop I divert to this bench area of "hurdles" where I can get some up and down exercise stepping up and down and up and down. Then I can do the track and the loop and hit the stairs. They are evenly spaced and not slippery. Like I said, this park is very very clean.
There are a good number of shaded kiosks with benches that are in excellent condition scattered around the park with some near the creek, others up high and some near to the path. There are even BBQ pits and sinks but the water does not work.

Also in the park are basketball courts, a volleyball court, batting cages and something else behind a padlocked door.

There is even a fabulously clean swimming pool that is well maintained!!!! Another shocker is that the bathroom is not only open but has a trifecta...toilet paper (in one stall only), soap and running water.

So, all this sounds really great and for walking it is. The problem with the rest of it is that it is all CLOSED. I don't know and won't know what the deal is. I was just told I couldn't swim (been closed for 2 years). Yup, that's right, one of the few places in PR that is maintained and that pristine, clean look is because no one can use it. Bi-Polar PR. Either they have facilities people use that are left in disrepair or this one (a rare thing) that is immaculate and thought out but that no one can use. Another missed opportunity for kids - wouldn't it be nice if they could be active and swim or play volleyball instead of sitting on the guard rail or garbage heap, or out near the road poking on a device. Such a shame.

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