Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Cats

It has been a year at the new house and the cats have adjusted really well. They are enjoying the front garden. This area used to be just grass and now has flowers and ferns they like to lounge under. They know they are safe inside the wall. Being cats, they still sneak over the wall and across the road and we are happy no one has been smushed. The average lifespan for a Puerto Rico cat is 4 years so they are all doing well and hopefully have some more years ahead of them.  Tuca and Chicken like sitting on the hot gravel on the edge of the garden. Jackie is the youngest (only a year or so) and she has stolen Pollo's favorite sleeping spot - the mango fruit bowl. Yes, I am a smack and have taken fruit out of it so it is comfortable for them! For xmas they got a brand new fun cat tower. Rip is on top, Tuca mid level, Chicken pole dancing, Pollo feeling excluded, Blanco watching from the table and Dakota headed for a tent.
In the yard Chicken is hanging out in the avocado tree on a cat platform built especially for the cats. Jackie likes to hide under flowers in Tuca's spot. I must have something delicious I am making in the kitchen - Blanco, Pollo, Tuca and Chicken are interested. Tuca loves to sleep on warm towels and clothes or anything soft.

Rip and Dakota are waiting for food. Dakota is from Washington and must be at least 15 by now. While I was painting the house I'd start climbing down the ladder and find one of the cats just sitting and watching me. Chicken seems to be enjoying the sunset and looking over the wall from above.


Anonymous said...

Everybody looks happy, healthy, and liking their new surroundings. So glad to get a kit update. Thanks! Wil

Fran and Steve said...

Love the update. Everyone looks healthy and happy! -- Fran

Mike said...

Thanks for the update. I think that makes seven cats, at current count?