Friday, February 8, 2013

February is Flower-time...or is it Always Flower-time?

Hibiscus come in many many colors and I could envision an entire yard of just hibiscus. So far I've got three colors - yellow, this orange pink one and "Meteorite" which is the best yet! Can't wait for it to get bigger!

 The torch gingers are blooming and I don't know what this strange plant is but it flowers!
The orchids bloom on and off all the time - I strap them to the trees and let them do their thing.
Someone gave me a few pinches of coleus and I continue to plant it all over and use the plants as a factory for more. The odd yellow flower is a rattlesnake calathea that is blooming for the first time. Below is yet another flower on my "cat's whisker" aka 'bat flower" plant.

The heliconias are starting to drop their flower pendants and who can resist the unreal colors of neon pink gerbera daisies? Yes, definitely an awesome place for flowers!


Anonymous said...

Now, that's what I call a tropical garden...amazing!

Cassie @LifeTransPlanet said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Flowers. I have never seen a heliconia. Thanks for sharing.


Linda said...

Katrina, just beautiful! I have been working around our house for the past few days, planted a few new trees and we went to the bamboo farm near Mayaguez. He has the most amazing fruit trees and of course the bamboo. I wish I was here full time just to be able to plant flowers! Is there anything you would recommend that needs little to no attention? tree's are one thing, but flowering plants?? I've killed a few since I wasn't around to water them properly. It's a bit dry in Rincon.