Friday, January 27, 2012

Sunsets, Rainbows and the House

This time of year Moca seems to be kind of windy and misty in the morning until the sun comes up. We did not expect, but are thrilled to see gigantic rainbows all the time!!! I never really thought about rainbows and now every morning I wake up early in anticipation...sitting on the swingy bench with a cup of coffee. Today was a big rainbow day - it was too big to capture the whole thing in a single picture. If ever there was a beam-me-up rainbow this was it!
After looking at it from the front porch I move inside to see if from the counter...

Here are some photos of the inside of the new house. The photographs and art are on existing hooks and need to be placed lower, but it'll give you an idea of what the place is like. This is looking from dining room to living room. The door in the photo opens and you see the arch of the balcony and trees and sky. There is a door to the left as well and it opens to the front wall and rainbow-land. The front balcony frames a look out toward San Sebastian. The too-close road is to the right. Here's looking from the front door into the dining room and kitchen.

This is the front of the house. Unfortunately the house sits on the road instead of the 1 1/2 acres behind the house. We are fortunate that we have no neighbors on 3 sides (a reason we bought it) for now. The 1000 meter square lot next to us is for sale unfortunately so it is a matter of time. I, of course, need to live in a bubble away from all... This front grass will go away. I want to plant two Royal Palms so they can shade the front windows without messing up the view of Desecheo. I want this little area to be lush with flowers, white rocks and who knows what else.
I just got this swingy bench from Home Depot and I love it! I can jiggle it, it doesn't make noise, and I can watch the sun come up out of the wind or search for rainbows!

There is a wooden deck behind the house and we've got plans for it. This could be a highlight of the place (besides Desecheo, sunrises and sunsets) since it is breezy and looks out over the property. It needs a cover on half and a wind break (lattice on the east corner) and some stairs to drop down the front into the yard in addition to the ones that go out each side. There is a TV room, bathroom and guest room right off the deck and this will be the place to hang when it is hot or noisy up above. So far it is really quiet with the exception of cars for an hour or so at night.

 Who cares about a few cars when you are looking out at this? (that's the Atlantic hidden in the mist).

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