Sunday, January 8, 2012

Still Amazed at the Views

The view from the balcony, living room and bedroom is of Desecheo Island when it is clear. The Island is that hump surrounded by ocean (just looks like a line of blue) between the two little gate toppers! Jeff is going to do some trimming across the street so we can see it even more!
After gazing for a while I went into the yard and found this gigantic banana unlike any bananas we had before. The banana is to the left, an orange is on the bottom and the other odd balls are nispero which is kind of like a pear texture and a brown sugar tasting fruit.

We cut into the banana and made banana "steaks" that were big enough to squirt a mound of whipped cream on and sit a big strawberry or something on top of it. These are seriously big bananas with no real seeds and a good flavor.
Also in the yard is this big orchid "tree." I have already taken cuttings off of it and strapped them on to the avocado trees. There are 34 avocado trees on the property. Wow.
The only down side to the house (and there are downsides to all houses) is that it is on a road. I have started to put up the privacy ribbon, weaving it through the chain link to give us a solidish wall that will block headlights, noise, wind, and make a little shade for the flowers I will be planting.
It seems like there is a rainbow every day.
The sunset tonight was amazing. Since there was some rain there were lingering clouds and the giant fiery ball of the sun just sat there between the clouds and land.
Inside the house the view out the window looked definitely fake, like some piece of art.
The archways of the balcony framed it perfectly!
One last look at the giant banana. The stuff of nightmares or dreams, depending...

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