Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Well, we have officially sold our home. This is a little bit sad and a little exciting and mainly just relief! Guama has been a great place to live for the past 4 years and we would live here longer except for Jeff's commute. With the job outlook there is no chance of things improving any time soon and all the engineering jobs have moved north so we are going north too.Luckily we don't have to move to the metro area, we are moving to Moca which will be much much closer to Jeff's work and everywhere we play. We are EXTREMELY lucky to have sold our home in 5 months, even though the 5 months, 4 banks, 4 surveys, 4 appraisals, new septic installation, hand rail installation etc has made  it seem like an eternity. More on that later. We will miss Amparo (our closest neighbor), Hamilton and Guillermino (previous owners/builder of our house/friends) and many other things. We have put a lot of work and love into this house and it is sad to leave, but I have a million ideas of what to do at the next place and I love the planning and doing part the most. We are leaving the new owner a great house and property. Here is the view we will miss. From our front enclosed porch we looked out at the jungle every day and night. This is how the property looks now after years of work. A hillside full of fruiting and flowering trees: grenada, ylang ylang, canister, abiu, caimito, nipper, limn, mamey de pais, and sapote, bunchosa, pomerosa, fig, santol, longan, rambutan, higuiero, jaca, cacao, mandarin oranges meyer limes, mango, avocado, guayabana, acerola, tamarind, carambola, quenepa, chinas, chinojas, flamboyance (all colors including blue), ceiba, cafe. Under the trees mani is spreading and I started planting understory gingers and flowers. Jeff is thrilled to be leaving chickens behind!We did not bring any here but they are like the cats - they just show up. Sometimes I throw corn out and other times I don't. I want to take Big Red and the white one (it isn't Puerto Rico without chickens) but we don't know if we can catch Red

For now we are lucky the new owner is letting us stay here while we buy the Moca House. That purchase is underway as we speak. In another week we should have a house up there and be blogging from our new location! Moving is exciting but full of danger. We don't know if we'll have no water Wednesdays like Rincon, or salty water like Cabo Rojo...we don't know how often the power will go out and we won't have solar. I am sure it will have a new set of disturbances (everywhere has them). What we do know is that Jeff will go to and from work in 2/3rds of the time it currently takes him to go ONE WAY! 28 minutes! I can check out water conditions with gear in the car for after work diving but if conditions suck can go to the grocery store instead or just go swimming. We will dive more I am sure. Caving will be a LOT closer. We can stay longer in the caves since it won't be 2 1/2 hours to drive home tired. We can do more of what we came here to do. AND we can sit on the deck looking out at the valley, Moca, San Sebastian and off toward Desecheo while the BBQ cooks up whatever and it will be light enough for us to eat outside when Jeff gets home. All of these are good things!


Fran and Steve said...

I'm happy for you for the positive changes the move will make in your lives. But I'm also sad that you are leaving behind such a beautiful property, especially after all the improvements you've made, including planting dozens of fruit trees and of course the full-solar installation. The new owner probably doesn't know how lucky she is. Good luck with your move. Can't wait to read about your new projects and adventures in Moca! -- Fran

Lori from NJ said...

Same here, happy to here that you are starting a new adventure in Moca, but sad to see you leave San German. It is a beautiful home, the people that bought it are very lucky. I have a house in Camuy (living in NJ) I told my husband that maybe we can swap homes (LOL)
Good luck in your new home!! Can't wait to see pictures and see what you do with it. It inspires me to work in our home in Camuy every time I go.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Less time on the road commuting is a huge positive.
And you'll bring your jungle taming, paradise creating to Moca.
That's great! Maybe you can move Big Red in a cage attached to the car roof and get bloggers to post YOUR pix!!!!


LifeTransPlanet said...

Congrats guys! Bittersweet, but sounds like you are looking forward to the move and you've found a great house. I would definitely say you should try the "egg thing". :-)

Rosa said...

Congratulations Katrina and Jeff! I am excited for you guys, new adventure is always good.

Marcheline said...


P.S. It's my birthday, and you're invited to the party at my blog. 8-)

Liz said...

Hope your move is going smoothly. Merry Christmas. We are full, fat, and happy after Christmas turkey and pernil. lazy days.