Monday, December 19, 2011

Any Time Now....but Still Waiting!

After about 5 months of buyer after buyer and bank after bank (3 buyers and 4 banks) we sold our house in San German and figured it would be only a week before we'd close on our little house in Moca. JaJa! The sellers of the Moca house added onto their first loan (probably to do work on the house) and the lawyer didn't properly file papers so there is a lien against the house for the amount of the first and second mortgages (both with the original bank). After a couple trips to San Juan the owners have gotten the proper papers filed and our friend/lawyer is working on the next-step. We are of course in xmas week and everything starts grinding to a halt. I think our thoughts of being in the house by xmas are not going to materialize which is unfortunate for the gal buying our house who kind of wanted to have xmas in the new house with her kids. Not much we can do about it. Anyway, we are pretty much packed and ready to rent a truck and go! Closets are empty...cupboards bare, down to a few cans of beans and soy milk. Almost anything that can be in a box is in a box. There is a new and improved kitty shanty town.

The refrigerator is now at the new house and while I was waiting I was plotting what I will do here, in front of the house - I'm thinking couple bird baths (cat watering holes) and grass removal/plant installation of some kind. The house needs paint and this is the time of year - hmmm, maybe yellow and white? But then again maybe sky blue (a new coat) is good?
I am wandering around our current yard looking at all the beautiful trees and thinking about what I will want to plant at the new place. A Maria Tree is a must even though it won't in our lifetime be as large as this one. Bats love it.
I don't know what this is, I call it the umbrella tree, but I have taken a small start of it.
The Santol has a nice shape and leaf. It hasn't fruited yet but I think I'll plant one.
This is a cool "money tree" that is usually sold with three stems braided. I like the bottle shaped trunk so I buy and dismantle for a single trunk. The Pomerosa is a nice fruit. Attractive and tasty so I'll plant one of those.
The Ceiba is a tree you won't find in the nurseries. I'll have to find someone with a tree to give me a start. This start was 4 inches when I planted it about 2 1/2 years ago. The Higuera finally got gourds on it - novel and interesting. They are big suckers! I've been taking cuttings of my favorite plants and sticking them in cat litter buckets to take with us.

The kitties are hanging out and know something is up. How we are going to move 11 cats is going to be interesting! We have 2 carriers but they are too big to go two in one. We've got awkward stuff like the kitchen table, king size termperpedic mattress and scuba compressor to move. Since every round trip will be 3 hours we'll probably try to rent a truck. Our cats are too wild to go loose so we may have to rig a big box with holes or something for the back of the car! I am trying to enjoy our jungle view while I can - it'll be different in Moca.


Anonymous said...

The kitties ALWAYS know somethings "up." I guess we are all in a holding pattern. Just guessing, but I won't be closing until after the new year starts. Not sure what that means in terms of gov't housing incentives. Anyway, have a great holiday!

Fran and Steve said...

We bought (signed contract and put 20% down) our house October 1 last year. Totally conforming loan. No credit issues at all. Closed January 29. The technicality causing the delay was that there was a relocation company involved between the previous owner and us. By the time the bank and lawyers "resolved" the non-issue, las navidades were upon us, and you know what that means. Meanwhile we were in a holding pattern (like you are now), but 5,000 miles away. If you could sue for money lost due to stupidity, Steve would have been able to buy a better boat. Yeah, we'd all be richer. Hang in there! -- Fran

Fran and Steve said...

I've heard that white flowering tree called snow on the mountain, so I looked it up. Check it out and see if this is it: euphorbia leucocephala. -- Fran

Jeff and Katrina Kruse said...

Thanks Fran - it is a euphorbia. Most I have seen are green. I made sure I took at least one cutting before I left since I haven't seen it in the garden shops.