Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fruit, Mona Island and Rainy Day Cats

Holy moly - heard a smack and went out into the yard and found this full-grown avocado! I've been watching the trees and a lot of small fruits are dropping off. The ones left are pretty tiny. Where did this big one come from? Why aren't there other big ones yet? Hope it ripens is all I can say. I'll be watching the trees on a daily basis from now on!

With the rainy weather everything has exploded into blooms (loving the orange blossoms) and fruit. Tiny fruits double in size every day it seems. Also with the weather the cats are all hanging around inside. Even the ones we hardly ever see, like Stripes here. It was sunny until around 1:30 so I gathered up some mangoes and picked some parcha. I'm thinking I'll boil down some mango (soften the fibres), whir it in the food processor, run it through a sieve and use it for juice, sauce, ice cream (with coconut milk instead of dairy - haven't tried it so it'll be an experiment). I'll save the parcha for another day.

More furry friends taking up space - hey, where am I supposed to sit? I am hoping this post isn't messed up like the last few - why is the text doing what it is doing? Why the weird spacing? Why??? So we are going to go to Mona Island. There is a waiver (like for everything else) but this one is particularly amusing and I've never seen it quite phrased this way.

Event : Cave survey/exploration at Mona Island
3. Hereby acknowledges that THE ACTIVITIES OF THE EVENT(S) COULD BE DANGEROUS and involve the risk of serious injury/and death and/or property damage. Each of THE UNDERSIGNED, also expressly acknowledges the INJURIES RECEIVED MAY BE COMPOUNDED OR INCREASED BY NEGLIGENT RESCUE OPERATIONS OR PROCEDURES OF THE RELEASES.



Theresa said...

That avocado is huge!!! I hope your trip to Mona Island went well and no one needed medical attention. lol Cats can take over the house sometimes (I know). Sometimes all you have to do is get up to go get something and when you come back your seat is gone. Puerto Rico sounds like a great place to live. Why did you guys move there?


Anonymous said...

Yes - these are 2 1/2 pound avocadoes- not your little Hass type. Mona is next month and part of why we are here - CAVES! We moved mainly because it was an affordable warm weather place with lots of outdoor things to do. Cats - part of the equation here. People don't spay and neuter so we have fixed 11 of them. When they are all here it is one furry loony tune time. Like anywhere it has its good and bad - just more extreme and in-your-face here. katrina