Monday, May 30, 2011

Fruit, Flowers and a Few Cats - What Else is There?

I'm using heavy plastic cat liter buckets to put plants in and had them upside down (ready for hole drilling) when a group of butterflies the exact color of the buckets swarmed in. Chicken was perky for a bit while they swarmed around.

We are trying to enjoy fresh fruit while we can and lucky for us the canistels are ready to be picked. We've got a dozen or so on the tree and have been enjoying them. They are a sweet eggy kind of taste  like the sushi egg and a hard boiled egg yolk consistency.

The pitayas are still blooming and I can't get enough of them! Same with parcha - I made a nice ginger, onion, parcha, brown sugar sauce for our fresh fish tonight. Jeff went spearfishing and brought home a few nice fish. Here are all the little parchas waiting to be juiced!
 The pitaya blooms had a lot of bugs buzzing and crawling around and were open into the morning hours since it was dark and cloudy. The creepy Mano de Buddah (citron) fruit is progressing nicely and I don't really care if it ever ripens...I've seen what I grew it for and don't really need to eat it! The peanut butter fruit though should turn red and ready tomorrow or the next day.

This is our first pineapple, kind of mini but hopefully it will taste good. The fiber less mangoes are ready to pick and let sit to ripen. When we first got here we waited until they dropped but have learned to start picking them when they blush but are hard. After a few days they will be ready to eat and be unbruised since they didn't fall!

The butterflies were really neat and looked fake flittering around drinking water off the cement.

What could be cuter than a sprawled out, happy kitty? A pile of hugging kitties of course.

Not sure if these are manzanas or ninos but I do know they are good. It is really gonna piss me off to have to buy fruit. We have been very spoiled as far as that goes. Of course I won't have all the fruit processing to take care of but I kinda liked doing that too. I liked touring the yard for ripe stuff and dreaming up ways to use things. There is so much fruit at our house that it is a struggle make sure a fair portion gets used.Still, most of it just drops. Right now all the regular mangoes are just rotting...why eat a fiberous one if you've got the good ones? Take a peek at the lower right corner of the banana photo. Somehow a cat is always lurking around!

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