Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Random Things Around House and Yard

We have gotten a little rain in the last few days and when it comes all the cats (all eleven) pile into the house. If they are there for a while they get restless and tear out around the house with their wet feet slipping out from under them on the terrazzo floors. It is pretty hysterical. I had this Cheerios box sitting in the porch area waiting to go out to the recycling bin when they spotted it and started playing. It amused them (and me) for at least an hour!
The cats bring in all kinds of "treats" for me. They love the nighttime little blind snakes, they love little June bugs and grasshoppers and of course...geckos. I just sweep them out the door and if the chickens are around it is a huge ruckus as they grab it and run! All the other chickens want it and there is a lot of squawking.

The mixed greens and basil are providing some greens, but the lettuce mix is a little heavy on the mustard - quite peppery. Green food at last so I'm not complaining! The zucchini look great, don't they - I know they aren't making fruit though.

It has been a down time in the yard for food. Lettuce if finally ready...waiting for guineos...papayas are dwindling...but wait, here's a pomegranate.

The pomegranate (grenada) is big enough for me to plant stuff under it so I don't have to weed as much. This stuff grows great and makes a nice ground cover for free since I've got it by the driveway. It is purple so it is more interesting than more green things.

These wimpy little starts are Stevia. My sister's boyfriend is in a commercial Stevia business. We'll see if it works well in our little part of the Caribbean.

The pink ornamental bananas are interesting but not as fun as I thought they would be. The plant is kind of short and unimpressive. I think I'll relocate it to a better place so we can see it better. Maybe inside.

I put this flowering ground cover under the Canistel. It'll keep the weeds down, add to the arboretum effect I am going for and is a nice surprise when walking around.

This Canistel (egg fruit) is one of the first fruit trees we put in and we are getting fruit now. I harvested one the other day and another is getting regular visits from me since it is just about ready to pick! I really want to cut off this lower branch but it had the big fruit on it and I hate to cut off a fruiting spur.

I'm watching it...if I wait too long the birds or ants will get will fall or who knows what. If you haven't had it before it tastes like the sweet egg you get with sushi. The texture is like a hard boiled egg yolk and kind of like a more powdery Mamey. Yum, very good but very rich!

So that's what's going on at the Kruse's.

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Anonymous said...

Writing to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. And I finally got an accurate cat count (11)! That's great. I can just imagine the messy fun my two 'fluffs' would have with a wiley gecko! Congrats on the garden progress too, it takes a lot of hard work, but it is so beautiful.