Monday, May 24, 2010

A-mazing Vientos

Let the fun begin. I am beating Katrina to the blog post this time but she will have more to say and better pictures.Thanks again to Tom for taking us to Cueva Vientos. It was literally A-maze-ing (although to Tom, the cave was geologically a big main passage with some side passages). I was lost just 20 minutes in! This cave is BIG. Big rooms and so many twist and turns. Not only left and right but up and down. It was very muddy and there were lots of bats.
The entrance to Vientos. Tom gave us a great loop tour. Tom said we could leave our rope climbing gear at the car because we would only be rappelling down. We entered the cave for about 20 minutes then came to a 35’ drop. We rigged a rope and down we went. We left all our rappelling gear attached to the rope so we could pull it back up when we came back for the rope. We were committed now and had to find another way out! (in reality since I am a nervous Nelly sometimes I brought a set of climbing gear with me, just in case)

The passages are big. Huge room after room with so many little side shoots to explore. Left, left, right, up, down, up, left, right, right, where are we? I didn’t know. Around and around we went for a total of 4 hours. Just as Tom said we were back at the top of the rope pulling up our gear and out we went.
A fungus among us. (Hope its not Hystoplasmosis) This may be my favorite cave and there was no danger of drowning. We couldn't do Zumbo because of all the rain. When we got out of the cave it was pouring. We also did a side hike up the top of the hill to view the Volcan entrance of this system.
We got a little muddy.

The wet hike out.

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