Sunday, April 4, 2010


Our old Solar dehydrator wasn't getting much use. Ants were a problem and it took several days to dehydrate things. Each night the fruit would get wet again so this wasn't the safest way to do things. Since sometimes we have extra electricity to use we use an electric dehydrator. Like the solar cooker at the Bagley household (Living with Ed) the solar dehydrator was the bane of existence for Katrina. She hated to see it sitting in the yard. Fellow blogger Cassi had a great idea for getting some of the chickens in the yard to start pulling their own weight. Provide them a place to nest and we can harvest their eggs. I took a few hours and re-purposed the dehydrator into a nesting box. Now all we have to do is put some fake eggs in there to get them started then we can begin harvesting eggs. From this:

To this:

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Cassie said...

Looks like a good coop! Just put a little hay (or dried out grasses or something) and a golf ball, fake egg or even a real egg in an area that is secluded inside and it should do the trick! I look forward to seeing if they will lay there. You might want to move their clutch from under the tree into there or they will keep laying in the old place.