Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Enough of the Heavy Stuff ...How about Cute Stuff?

I was in the pathetic garden area today trying to loosen up and amend the soil so I can plant new stuff when I saw 3 of these little guys. I don't think they are the usual geckos so I watched them for a while and am pretty sure they are baby iguanas? The whip of a tail, the claws, the markings and the big fin thing on its back all look pretty iguana-like. It was also a different color than the usual geckos, kind of a pale green instead of brown, tan, black or bright green. They were walking differently too.
Here are the hatched babies. 14 eggs turned into 8 hatchlings with two that didn't fluff up by nightfall (and were abandoned) and a few that look like she suffocated them while they were in the nest. The 8 turned into 7 in front of my eyes as a huge guaracao (not sure on the spelling) swooped in and snatched one. Now she is down to 5 and there is another replica - another grey chicken with 5 chicks (they are newly hatched though). I saw the two hens and broods together on the lawn today.

Last week was falling into a pattern of light rain in the afternoon and all the cats come in and spread themselves around. Chicken I guess wasn't feeling pig pile social and decided to snooze in the fruit bowl. I shouldn't let him do this, but how can I move him?

Here's creepy Blanco. These cats contort into the weirdest shapes.

His little face is so pink!

Tuca is the ugliest cat...but she has nice eyes that look like she uses eyeliner. She looks like and sits up like a meer cat.

Dakota is still kicking around. He is old now (around 12 or 13) and not so photogenic. No cute poses here! He actually hangs out with the other cats now.

Mars is less spooky now and seems pretty darned comfortable on the couch.

She was one of the ones rescued from the log. She was sooo tiny I didn't think she would make it. I had to give her milk replacement which was hard because she wouldn't let me come close. She has a little belly on her now! You never know what you will see on the road. This is not far from our house, just down the road a bit. This herd of goats is supposed to be roaming the hills grazing, but instead has decided to take a neighborhood tour eating ornamental flowers out of peoples' yards instead.


Ivan said...

That is not a gecko, it is a garden lizard of the species anolis. It is not an iguana either because iguanas are bigger when young and are bright green. My two cents of comments. Take care guys. I miss you, haven't seen you since Sorbetos ;-)

rosa said...

Great beautiful pictures, the cats are so relaxed. I love it. Their pictures put a small on my face before going to work!

Rob said...

Definitely an anole of some kind.

rosa said...

oops, meant to say "put a smile on my face"

Jamesj said...

I enjoyed reading your blog about the chickens' adopting you as their new caretakers and seeing the pics of the hens that successfully hatched their babies near the yard. You are realizing my dream of living in PR, having chickens, and living the natural life. The pics and story of the iguana/dragon who appeared in your yard, and seeing the welts it left on your leg, I see that PR is indeed a wild place. You must live near the jungle. I also read about the hawks swooping down and taking some of the baby chicks. There is apparently lots of wildlife there. I hope to visit there one day and see if I could be happy there myself. I look forward to reading the rest of your fascinating blog. Keep up the posting. I enjoy it immensely.