Thursday, November 19, 2009

Warm Furry Bodies All Around

It's been awhile since we've had a cat post. They are still a huge source of amusement and we seem to have shut down the baby factories - no new kitties (whew). Tuca of course was the little kitty my neighbor brought over. She is the most socialized since she was young when she came to us and she sleeps in the crook of my arm at night. She is ugly and adorable at the same time. Why do we love these little sacks of guts?

I came home after being out and discovered Stripes totally comfortable and stretched out on the bed on a rainy day. When we are home he isn't ever on the bed. What goes on when we are out?

Princess is the one who had the armpit slice that was totally feral to the point of the vet putting the bird cage she was in in a bag to administer gas so they could knock her out before touching her to fix her up. She sits next to me now and likes to be scratched or gently petted. She is really homely and one of her eyes is very foggy. Poor girl.

Chicken is the first and one of the favorites (except when he hops off the bed and wants out at 4am). Look at that little pink mouth! He is still kind of a solitary guy and I think he hangs with the real chickens in the morning.

Blanco is beautiful and super sweet. He is so soft and gentle...a lovely boy.

Bepo was the baby factory and is mother to all except maybe Mini and Pollo and Chicken. She had those huge wounds a few months ago but they are healed and she mainly stays inside and doesn't wander unless it is directly near me in the yard.

In the morning after breakfast the group picks an area and heads out in a caravan up the hill, down the other hill or into the plants. On the bottom is Puff, upper left is Mars, and on the right is Pollo..Mini was the leader and is up top somewhere. Where do they go all day? Sometimes I discover them in little mobs snoozing under shrubs or trees or in the tall grass. Some of them just hang out on or under the couch. They really like to be on the balcony outside the screen they have pulled out that gives them entrance to the I guess. We love the kitties...


rosa said...

I am still crazy about Blanco! What markings!

Mike said...

Thanks so much for the update. I live for cat stories! Is Dakota OK?

Anonymous said...

Mike - Dakota is just fine, old (12 years) but fine, he doesn't like his photo taken but I'll try!

Rosa - Not only is Blanco just beautiful, he is the most mild mannered, sweet (but a little aloof), soft cat in the world! It is amazing how all these little bodies can be in the house padding around and unless Mars, Chicken or Tuca are talking you wouldn't know they were even there! katrina