Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tanama Part 2

The entire river is rather scenic but this waterfall is kind of a nice spot to hang out for a while and have second lunch (if you remembered food). You can see the top of the waterfall to the upper right and it must be spectacular in the rain!

The falls are a favorite photo spot since you can cool off sitting under them on the log.

I really like the wild spots of the river where the trees and bamboo are spectacularly tall and there are immense boulders in the middle and just jungle to the sides. We'd see jungle with what looked like banana groves interspersed. People must have farmed here in times past. It makes for good snacking when you can find the ripe bananas.

After the falls and down the wild spots we go to the end. There is this last bit of fast narrow water before the dam. The safety crew has a rope across the river after this little bit so no one gets caught in the current and swept over the dam. A lot of people portaged rather than go down this part. Last year I flipped but this year it was smooth sailing!

Then it was time for the little walk out (30 minutes or so). Like most of our adventure things it was through the jungle.

We could see the dam which had a lot more water going over it than last year.

Then it was on to the catwalk - look at the huge boulder!

There were a few trucks/vans/cars at the exit waiting to shuttle people back to the put-in spot. How many people can ride in the back of a pick up? A lot!

It was a very fun day again. Last year we didn't have our tubes quite right but this year it was a comfortable ride. The higher water made it nice and the day was pretty sunny! Can't wait til next year1

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Rosa said...

Wow, thanks for such great pictures,how fun!

I am almost over the hog hell!