Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Plant Progress

These are mini carambolas (star fruit). I'm anxious to try a fresh one since all I know is the shriveled supermarket ones in the states.

Our grove of papayas have grown from seed to splendid trees that already have a whole lot of fruit on them (we are eating our second one). The seeds were from 3 or 4 different types of papayas so it is interesting to see the different shapes and flesh colors. We've got more than 20 trees. I figured some would die and 1/3 would be male and then I would be left with a reasonable amount. Nope. Most were female, all lived and it is a good thing we have the dehydrator!

The dragon fruit has gotten all kinds of new growth on it (light green parts). I wonder if I'll ever get fruit from it?

Our coconuts are producing way more than we can drink as coco frios! We've got probably 5 or 6 trees all full of coconuts - the kind you drink, not the meat ones. Of the meat type we have only one tree and we keep getting gifts from above. Coconut is evil though - totally saturated fat and lots of it! (that's why it tastes so good - sugar and fat hold the world together!)


Minerva said...

The progress is truly impressive... and you make it look so easy. No hard work involved in all that? ;-)

Rosa said...

I have big huge papayas at our place in Pineapple hill, we did not plant them, they came with the hill. I do not like the tasteless papayas, but my sister in Trujillo Alto LOVES them, she said they are very healthy/good for you. I guess one day I will try it with ice cream ;). All your plants look fantastic, good job.

Anonymous said...

Rosa -We've been disappointed with the first 2 papayas we've grown (both off the same tree). They were watery and didn't taste good. But...we planted seeds from 6 different ones so some of them will be the darker, sweeter ones we hope. I'm cutting down the crappy trees! katrina

stefan said...

The yard/trees look great! Hard work always pays off :-)