Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dallas' Kayaking Cat

Sunday we planned on tubing down the Tanama river but after a bunch of late night phone calls and a call at 5AM the trip was cancelled. Too much rain in the mountains caused too much water in the river. The trip is postponed until next weekend. So our friend Dallas kindly offered to take us kayaking in La Parguera. His kayaks were already in La Parguera so we left ours at home. The weather was great, very little wind. Katrina wanted more sun though. The water could have been a little warmer for her but she didn't get too cold.

Dallas showed us around some mangroves. We briefly saw a manatee. Dallas also has a cat that likes to go kayaking.

Katrina with her new friend.
We stopped and did some snorkeling. The visibility wasn't very good but we could still see some nice fish. We didn't see any jellyfish. Just as Dallas was showing me what fire coral looked like we heard Katrina shouting. Looks like she found a bunch of it the hard way. Leave it to Katrina, if it bites, stings, or just plain irritates she will find it or it will find her.

Nice butt cheek. These welts looked like they hurt a lot. She even got some on her back because she was swimming on her back when she brushed into it. It's funny that Katrina get so upset when she gets bit/stung by a tiny tiny ant and she makes such a big deal about it. Then she gets all these welts and hardly says a thing about it. These looked like they hurt a great deal, much more than any ant...
Thanks again Dallas for comming up with plan B.


Fran and Steve said...

I love the kayaking kitty with her own pfd! So cute! Katrina, those welts look like the stuff Stefan got a while back, but I think his were due to sea lice (?) I had no idea coral could cause welts, I would have thought broken skin. I have so much to learn about the sea. I hope it heals quickly. Fran

Anonymous said...

The cat was great...a little weird when he told us the cat was coming, but it seemed to like it! It sat on his lap, then walked to the front of the kayak and then later crossed over to me. We went about 4 miles and it didn't meow. The reef was really shallow and I was using my noodle thing cruising on my back and didn't pay attention. No cuts and no itching -looks bad but doesn't itch or hurt so it is a big "so what." But - since I get a little chilled I will start wearing a skin or my 2mm suit. Thanks for the concern, katrina