Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rainy Weather Water Features

When you walk our property in good weather you can see some mini ravines where rocks are exposed and you know water has gone through there a lot. Until now we just haven't seen it. With the torrential rains of the last few days we now know what dug those ditches....water.
It's a good thing we've got a troll bridge - we could hear the roar of the water and needed the bridge to explore. Wow. A lot of water has moved through here. When the rain stops it is dry but with the rain of the last few days we had a private stream.

Here's a view of the "creek" from up under the big old native mango.

Look - a waterfall!
It's hard to see but the dirt came down and up and over our little wall - guess we need to go up a block! Good thing the landscape blocks are easy to work with - just plop the new ones on top!


Fran and Steve said...

Loved the update on the water feature you had predicted. It's beautiful, and you were smart to install the troll bridge while it was dry! Fran

Anonymous said...

Jeff and Katrina,

I hope you are all doing well. I enjoy visiting your blog and viewing your beautiful pictures as well as reading your updates.

I'm afraid that the hill or "barranco" outside the kitchen door will continue to erode until nature finds its own balance. The wall you put together looks absolutely beautiful and enhances the yard a lot. Have you considered adding your vetiver grass to cover the exposed dirt? A combination of ideas may eventually do the trick.


Hamilton Jr.

Jeff and Katrina Kruse said...

Thanks for the comments ...the rain we had was "unusual" (because of the nearby hurricane) and it was the first time we saw water in action!

Hamilton - We added another row of blocks to the wall and I will add some more ornamental grasses gradually to replace the nasty grass. I am going to put a row or two of vetiver up top since it does really well in full sun. I may move it from the shady areas I tried it in and put bamboo in the shady area in the gully. Bamboo has a BIG root system and if anything will buffer sound, hold soil and invite new animals into the yard bamboo is it! katrina