Thursday, January 22, 2015

Finally, a Post about the New House!

Well, we were pretty stressed out living next to people who were actively rounding up the free-roaming "wild" horses that live in Placitas. After living near awful behavior in Puerto Rico we decided we did not want to put up with it here. We rented near some nasty people who lured baby horses into corrals they erected with the sole purpose of rounding up horses...but THAT is another post.

We started looking for houses figuring it would take a while to find something we could afford and something that was to our liking. Fortunately/unfortunately we found something pretty darned fast after looking at a dozen or so houses in Placitas that were in the realm of financial possibility. Many houses were expensive and not cared for, or were situated on the lot stupidly (didn't take advantage of views) or were on "horse hater row." We did find a few that we liked and finally decided on THE one. We offered less than listed and started the process. 28 days later we had a house! The process involved a pre approval, then house inspection, appraisal, septic pumping, well inspection, heating inspection and on and on. To our amazement these inspections are primarily paid for by the SELLER. We got a super interest rate of 3.125 percent and moved in on December 8. The Unfortunate part is that we are still trapped in a broken lease paying for the rental until someone else moves in (and it is the holidays and winter). If we waited the house would most likely be gone (it is in beautiful shape), the interest rate would rise etc. We just did it. Of course we screened the neighbors when we were on bike rides and sat out nearby checking for activity. We asked about water problems and horse problems and all that. We now live in a place where our cluster of neighbors get along, like each other and leave each other alone! We live near a lady who puts hay out for the horses and no one else cares if we have water out. Everyone leaves them alone. Everyone was pretty happy when we took out all the wire fencing aimed at keeping horses out. Now for the pictures...

The house is 2200 square feet (a mansion but one of the smallest things you can find in Placitas). It is the true South West Adobe style inside and out. We love everything about this house - everything is very thoughtfully done from bent baseboards, to little niches, to heat registers under the sink in the kitchen and bathroom. There is radiant heat in the master bathroom floor, a light sensor for the laundry room you go through to get to the garage. Everything is wood. Just about every room in the house has a very nice view. Every time you go to turn on a light the switch is in the right place and the whole house layout is just right. Even the heater, refrigerator and house mechanics are placed away from the bedroom. It is just awesome. We don't have much furniture yet (and are taking our time) so things are a little empty looking but we don't plan on crapping it up with a lot of stuff anyway. I have big plans for the outside (courtyard wall and gardens) but they require some thought and $. So here are some shots!