Sunday, November 29, 2015

Day of the Dead Parade - Albuquerque South Valley

A month or so ago we headed off to see the Day of the Dead Parade in Albuquerque's South Valley. We had not been to this part of town (not the best) and I really like Day of the Dead stuff so off we went. Not knowing the area the directions gave about where the thing started and ended we were unclear about where we were going.We didn't want to stand around forever so we didn't go early...but still managed to get there "in time" and enjoy the thing. First off...we are not big into parades or gatherings that are large but here in NM things are really calm, polite and there just aren't huge crowds anywhere. After going to the biggest thing the state offers (Balloon Festival) and having no problems we are giving large interesting events a chance.

We got to the area and there was some traffic. We did the detour and were channeled into an area with limited parking so we left and parked a short walk away. The sun was really bright and every one was walking around made up like fanciful skeletons in sparkly dresses or skirts or hats and ties etc. The people going to the parade were at least if not more interesting than the people IN the parade. NM is an area with a mixed population that blends well. People are just people here. The parade included some of the local Native American Tribes, a lot of different schools and different communities. It was a little too political for us. There were groups holding photos of missing people in Mexico...a group of bicyclists representing those killed while riding their bikes organizations with things to say about testing etc...The basic parade was all about really old cars, marigolds, skeleton people and animals and some floats. There were Native American and Latina Dancers and lots of cool costumes.

The parade route came with direct sun at the people's backs (hard to photograph and see since it was very bright) and the streets were lined with people. In a way it reminded me a little of Puerto Rico only it was quieter. Venders came around with ice cream and stuff and there was an area for Day of the Dead themed items. We watched cars and trucks and trailers come by full of skeleton people and it was interesting! The BEST parade we ever went to was in Puerto Rico - the 150th  annual parade in Ponce. The best and most costumes ever. This was a lot easier and calmer to be at though. 

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