Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sedona Arizona

We have some great friends! Mike and Sandy have a condo in Sedona and they invited us to stay for a week. We have a lot in common - we are all from Seattle, Mike did all the art fairs I did (he stopped about when I started), Mike and Jeff are both engineers and both he and Sandy are Master Gardeners (like me). Mike also is a photographer. We drove down on Tuesday passing what looked like a bunch of neat stuff. It took about 6 hours and when we arrived we went out to eat. It was really nice knowing where we were going to stay and Mike and Sandy knew all the places to see, hike, and eat.

The first day was kind of cloudy so we spent it walking around town going in and out of art galleries. The second day Jeff and I headed out for a hike ourselves. We all rounded up for a second hike to Devil's Bridge which was pretty neat. The entire landscape in Sedona is just gorgeous! There are many trails within a few miles of the condo. We headed out for dinner afterwords.

The next day we all went on a hike along a river. Jeff and I continued on for almost 10 miles. I had a slight mishap slipping on some rocks. My elbow immediately grew a large horn that was scary. Even now it is tender and all bruised more than a week later! I survived though and the camera wasn't damaged! At the end of this hike there were all kind of neat reflections in the river that I tried to photograph with limited success! We spent that night in the hot tub relaxing and later watched a movie. Very pleasant!

On Saturday we all headed out on the road trip home. The plan was to visit the big meteor crater, book into a room in Holbrook, continue at sunset to the Petrified Forest then back to the room for the night. I'll post Saturday's excursion separately. This trip was 6 days away from the kitties, the house and routines. It was a nice thing to do with great friends that are easy to be around. Arizona is a really neat place. We enjoyed Tucson last year and Sedona did not disappoint. Both places are a long drive away but totally different landscapes. There is a lot to do here in the South West!

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