Monday, August 18, 2014

Wild Horses of Placitas

Wild Horses have been a part of Placitas for many many years. There are a lot of issues surrounding their presence that have yet to be resolved. This first horse post is to show some of the MAGIC! I have to say I have never been around horses and have never cared about them before. When you look out your window and see these magical beasts standing, grazing, or tearing out over the landscape it is really a sight! Late a night, once the lights have gone off, you can sometimes hear super quiet hooves move past the window. How they manage to be so quiet when they are so large is a mystery to me. These are a few photos of some of the still free and roaming horses of Placitas and also some of the once-were-free but then were caught by the livestock board or BLM and then bought back by resident Gary Miles who now owns them. Some of these horses won't ever be free-roaming again but at least they won't be dead.

This baby is only a couple days old and was premature. Watching it learn to stand and walk around is exciting - it is ALL LEGS! It's head looks like a moose head, kind of. Kind of misproportioned.

This huge male saw another free-roaming solo male wandering onto his territory near his mare and baby. After this position a fight ensued and the two huge beasts were up on their hind legs snorting and yelling at each other and hoofing. Scary and interesting all at the same time. The grey one got chased off.

I am so happy to involved in protecting amazing creatures like this. It is unfortunate there are crappy people who want to eradicate wild horses from the landscape in New Mexico, Wyoming and all around the United States. What is wrong with people? Get involved.

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