Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Final Puerto Rico Xmas

This is was our last xmas in Puerto Rico. We headed down to Guanica to share it with our friends Toni and Gerd. We have known them forever from our years in Seattle playing kayak water polo. They have had a "half year" home here for many years since Gerd is a wind surfer. We were joined by Corey who lives in Aguada. Instead of one person doing all the cooking we shared the job which made it really wonderful. I brought gravy, stuffing, kale chips, a cranberry bar dessert (like key lime pie only cranberry), and cranberry sauce. I was able to make it all ahead so I could enjoy the day. Corey wanted to deep fry a turkey which is something Toni and I had never done before. Toni is an expert cook/baker and she had made her traditional German cookies, did a sweet potato casserole with apples instead of marshmallows, and made some really yummy leeks in a butter, cream, broth sauce. Yum. We socialized for a while and then had cookies and coffee. We gorged on cookies, fresh whipped cream and coffee. The guys then headed out in the little boat to play bocci ball and Toni and I sat by the water. There wasn't enough wind to wind surf and it was actually kind of chilly but still very nice.When the guys got back Corey heated the oil and dropped the bird into the hot oil. It did not take long to cook - maybe 45 minutes or so. We scurried around getting everything else put together and sat down to a delicious, and for us, a traditional xmas dinner with not a gandule in sight! Having cookies and coffee is a new traditional I'll steal from them. How can you go wrong having a little sweet snack before the main meal?

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lduerrnj said...

that looks like it was fun! I like that area, we enjoy copamarina for something different. Next time I think we will explore more of the area!