Saturday, December 14, 2013


These two (Jackie and Chicken) look like they are up to no good - munching on catnip and the paranoia has set in... Blanco yawns after a box-nap, then sleeps some more and then gives the "look how sweet and beautiful I am" cat pose.

Then he goes outside to the porch to snuggle with Pollo in one of the many cat beds. Pollo is tuckered out from her excursion to the roof. When Jeff showers in the morning he sees her (and some of the other ones) climb up the ladder and onto the roof. Enjoying the sunrise maybe? Taking a look around? Even the cats seem to enjoy our views!

Rip is kind of a strange loner except when he is stalking the others or playing chase with Jackie. He has been hanging out on the porch more often. I think since he is 3 now he is calming down. He can contort into the strangest positions. EVERYBODY loves the catnip pot. I think it is one of the best things I've done! At first they didn't take an interest but once they figured out what it was they have all taken turns snoozing in it!

Even Dakota the 15 plus year old guy has managed to stand in it - can't quite curl up. And Jackie? Busted and guilty looking...totally high!

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Anonymous said...

WoW, always happy kits. Yep the last pix Jackies eyes are dilated BIG time!
I wish ours would do the Yin/Yang bed thing, that is so cute. WIL