Monday, October 7, 2013

Cueva Cofresi

Sunday's outing was a short one since it is really too hot to do much. We met a family that came here a few months ago from Alaska while we were diving a month ago. It turned out we had corresponded prior to them moving here. Since then we have gotten together and we thought it might be a nice outing for them to see a cave. (we think everyone should experience a cave if they come here)  Mom was in Arizona so it was Bill, Madison, Liam, Jeff and I. We all headed to Cabo Rojo, parked, got our gear together and started the walk down the road, over the fence and off into the rocky landscape. Even with coordinates it is hard to locate the entrances to these caves unless you have been to them. The only other time we were here was with Tom and we wandered around a bit before finding the entrance. We found one walk in entrance but it wasn't the one we wanted so we looked around some more. Once inside we didn't remember it very well  since we had entered one of the rappelling holes before. We all went in and started exploring. I got the kids to do a little crawling into a couple low spots and tried to encourage exploration - "are you ever going to be here again? Don't you want to know what's through there?" It worked and they were troopers. Madison went into a couple small holes with me.

Liam went into one. We have to get them over their irrational fear of guavas, snakes and bats. Aversion therapy. Yeah. Bill was smiling all the time so we think he had fun.
 We saw some cool tarzan vines. We always like tarzan vines.

We could tell when the kids reached their limit and had snacks and then headed out. We had one final trudge out to this cool bay with odd rocks. It was very hot and everyone was a little dehydrated and tired I think.

We looked around a bit and then headed back passing some sugar mill ruins. Then we headed to the beach (Playa Buye) for a little resting and cooling down! It was a very nice day. We stopped for some food at Faccios. Madison and I grabbed stuff at Camiles and sneaked it in. The margarita topped off a good day and we all went home a little tired and hot. We may torture them again and head to Cueva Vientos in the Guajataca. Next time they will mentally be prepared - on this trip they didn't even know what they were going to be doing, only that they were going somewhere for the day (good job dad)!

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