Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I have always enjoyed plants and gardening in Puerto Rico has been very very fun indeed! When we walk through the jungle to go to caves we see things that are houseplants in the US, and any little snippet of anything I take from along the road or in the jungle usually grows into something wonderful. Fast! These heliconias were near an abandoned house on our road. When the flowers appeared shortly after we moved here, I went and dug up a few rhizomes for the yard. Even though it has only been a they are, loads of flowers just hanging and inviting humming birds for lunch.

The Angel's Trumpet I found on the side of the road as well. The arm-length blooms smell heavenly and the flowers start out yellow and turn orange as they age. It is just a stick plant (not yet a tree) but still has had 8 or 10 flowers already! I haven't gotten any parch (passion fruit) which surprises me, but at least I am getting some flowers (below).

Everything seems to be blooming or fruiting right now - the lettuce has bolted but I have replanted and have many flowers and lot of fruit to harvest while I wait for it to grow.

A Meteorite hibiscus.
Ylang-ylang is the coolest looking, best smelling flower EVER! How can you beat the leg-long heliconias though - fake colors and flowers that last for several months! Gardening in PR...a good thing.

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Anonymous said...

Ohh the hibiscus is beautiful. Very nice. Pendulas helaconias are looking great. Lovely.