Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cats In, On, Or Under Containers

These are some of my favorite cat photos . Not all of them are recent but as I have been trying to put organize all the cat photos I have run across my favorites! Tuca is the most playful one when it comes to curling up in odd places. I keep foam peanuts for inside plant pots that are large and require too much soil. It keeps the pots lighter. When the peanuts aren't in the pots Tuca uses them like a bouncy ball room! She will find her way into the closet to get to them. Here she is again hiding under the cat pillows. These were comical pillows that had a cat head and tail and scared the crap out of the cats at first! 
We call this the "caboose." It was supposed to stand upright but the cats liked to sit in the compartments and pretend drive (yah, I've got an imagination alright). Another favorite spot is this mango wood bowl. All the cats except Dakota have spent time in the supposed-to-be-for-frruit bowl!
We went out one night and Blanco was curled up in a plastic pot that had some dirt in it. I still don't know how he fit! 
Jackie is kind of comical and creepy at the same time. She is the most normal except for here, where she looks somewhat crazed. I think her eyes are kind of human looking.

Pollo's turn in the box. Blanco sleeping on newly planted seeds in the cat pot. Even an umbrella is too good to resist! Rip is a monster, what can I say? He had attitude when he was small and still has it. He's a gangster!

Rip has got Chicken rights where he wants him. Now all he's got to do is roll the pot somewhere. Chicken had no intention of letting Rip get his way and he stayed put for hours. We love our cats. We didn't pick them, and don't know how long they will live, but already they have gone past the lifespan of a usual Puerto Rico cat. We know we have saved them and we have gotten LOTS of love and enjoyment from them!


Fran and Steve said...

Kids. Buy them expensive stuff and all they want to do is play with the boxes. I love to see updates. Tuca is so pretty. She looks like she wears eyeliner. Most of the cats were feral, but thanks to your tenacity, tough love, and spoiling them rotten, they look pretty much used to being indoor cats. And each with his/her unique personality. Adorable. -- Fran

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kit update, and the oldie but goodie pix. So funny Jackie in her pink Jetsons outfit. Great stuff. Gotta love those fluffs.

Mike said...

Love these posts. They're kind of like those Christmas letters you get from the part of the family that you don't really know, where you get to see how their kids grow up.

Jeff and Katrina Kruse said...

I'll have to do a post of "When they were young," some of the monsters were amazingly cute/ugly! Kat