Friday, November 30, 2012

Cueva Barbudas and Monte Encantada

During Thanksgiving week Jeff had a few days off so we went caving. On Black Friday we headed to a couple of caves 15 minutes from our house. These caves are on 112. The first is kind of interesting because they pump water out of it...probably is our drinking water. There is a huge shaft in it and you can hear the pumps and feel the vibrations. We parked on 112 and walked around the guardrail for maybe 10 minutes and went down the steep slope (note Jeff at the top) toward the black hole in the lower right of the second photo (cave opening). Here Jeff is inside looking at all the water.
The little half circle is usually where you go in but the water level was too high for us to do it. When you get to the other side there isn't much head room and I don't really want to drown.
That was that in that one. Then we walked another 10 or 12 minutes to a nearby cave - Cueva Monte Encantada. This had a huge opening and was nicer than I remembered. It isn't an extensive cave buy hey, it is 15 minutes from our house. There are a lot of bats inside. There were some rooms to explore - Here is Ron. There is a 30 foot drop and a pool of moving water at the bottom of it. It is hard to tell from the photo but the triangle-like thing has dirty/muddy water with a darker curvy line of moving water at the bottom. Going to and coming from where you cannot tell.

Here is Jeff doing some exploring .It is unfortunate we didn't have a real plan for the day. Jeff took the day off and we expected to do a cave unknown to us. Well that just didn't work out. We did get to go caving though and we will make sure there IS a plan for the next trip!

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