Friday, October 19, 2012

Cats In Containers (and playthings)

It's kitty time! Like when isn't it kitty time? Our little furry buddies have gotten accustomed to the house and have new routines. I like them to sleep inside (so I know where they are) but don't appreciate the 5 am "I want to go out" call so we have have made a "magic window." We made a new screen that we cut a flap out of so the cats can come and go without waking us up. During the day they have a normal cat door but at night the window. Everyone but Blanco travels in and out, and Blanco prefers to sleep in this bowl outside the front door. Every morning I would go out and my pineapple top and dirt would be all around. Then, one evening I peeked out the window and caught him curled up on the pineapple! I put a towel in it for him but he removed it. Then he moved on to the cat pot I have started catnip in. The cat nip has only 2 leaves and Blanco I guess wants it! Tuca like this telescoping leopard print nest. Sometimes, even when it is hot she buries herself head first in it. Everyone loves the cat cubes but Jackie has the most style.

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