Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sunrises, Sunsets, Sahara Dust and Fog - Lots of Weather

Our house is a great weather watching place. I never thought much about sunrises or sunsets because I've never been able to observe them before over time. The sun used to set to the left of Desecheo Island (December) and then moved pretty far north and started setting over the hills. Now it moving back toward Desecheo Island. Where it rises is changing a lot too. I can see it from bed. It is travelling south and gets right in my eyes now if I don't pull the blinds down. Soon it will be coming in through the computer room window instead of the bedroom. I had no idea there was that much change until we moved into this house. I digress...lots of cloud action over the last month or so. This first one is kind of a Marge Simpson cloud (at least her hair). Everything looks like a made-up watercolor. Clouds form every-which-way all at once and even move in opposite directions. On day started out with bright sun and then this triangle of fog just barreled in. Pretty soon the entire valley toward the east was filled with fog.

Then you have clouds moving in from the left and a finger of dark cloud reaching out to touch it. Sometimes you get popcorn and color...other times gigantic towers pushing upward (note how small the royal palm looks on the left - that's how big this cloud is).

For the last couple weeks we have had miserable Sahara Dust just hanging in the air and water. The sunrises and sunsets are obscure like you are looking through a filter - and you are, just a dust filter. I'm not a big fan.
Whatever the weather, I get to see it all from the porch! Right now it is 105 degrees and 27% humidity outside. I'm not gardening in that! Inside is a balmy 89 and the fans are not moving the air around much. Out the window I see clouds and it might be rain heading my way. I kind of hope it is!

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Anonymous said...

Just Beautiful!!!!!! Thanks for the pictures.