Thursday, August 2, 2012

Watching the Storms Develop

Our house sits on a ridge and we can see the Adjuntas mountain area, San Sebastian valley, Aguadilla, Desecheo Island and a sliver of the Atlantic and basically all around. We can see and hear storms develop no matter where they are coming from. The last couple weeks has been kind of dramatic. Since it is just the beginning of the hurricane season I am sure there is more magic to come! Sometimes the sunsets aren't the spectacular thing - it is the clouds in the South while the sun is setting. I can watch the early evening "smoke" clouds rise up vertically as if the other clouds didn't exist. I'm just sitting here on m swingy bench on the porch watching it unfold! Dramatic color to the south. The sun is somewhere in the clouds making the pink sky beams in the west. We had some really big suns for a week or so.

This cloud just piled up and up and up (looking west to the left of Desecheo Island). There are a lot of layers to the clouds and different layers look as if someone is pulling them on strings. A couple days ago this black mass barreled in and then out. Desecheo Island is the little mound in the middle. Then you could hear and see the rain coming.

Then it was gone and a window of blue opened up. (little light blue ball is part of our gate). To drive to this view is 19 minutes - you can't really understand how giant an area these clouds are forming in unless you are at our house. The black just blankets everything for 30 miles or so and then disappears as if it were never here! Sometimes the fog will make it a white-out at the house...but then there are sunsets...This is a lovely place to live! We will never again have views like this. Paradise in all directions!


Cassie said...

Beautiful! The arch on your deck makes it look like a half-planet.

Eric said...

Those are some amazing cloud formations. I love looking out west and seeing Desecheo.