Friday, April 22, 2011

What? No Internet? (and other stuff)

So after a slew of "things gone wrong" (truck steering fluid pump, fuel pump, bathroom hassles etc) we list the house for sale on the internet and our USB Sprint internet stick thingy goes bad. Of course this cannot be remedied at the mall...or by requires waiting and waiting etc. I went to the mall who sent me to the Mayaguez "repair" store near Home Depot where they tell me it is broken (hey guys, that's what I just told you and is why I am here). As the only "repair" Sprint store around do you think they have a replacement stick in the store? You guessed it - no. They can't repair these things, they replace them (for $35 bucks but at least I didn't have to extend a contract - it is almost up thank god). Can they replace them on the spot (as in "this is our business, we'll pull one out of the back") - no. I have to come back in 3 days because they "order" them and when it is sent to them I can come get it. Well I know I live in Puerto Rico and I understand how things work. I call to see if it is there and wait an extra day after they say it is in case they are just trying to please me and it isn't really there. (yes that really happens) I bring the laptop with me because I know the inevitable will happen and it does - I stick the replacement in and internet doesn't come up. I have him reinstall the software and get it working and I am now able to contact the outside world! This is good since people email about the house and Jeff is taking a cave rescue class and isn't looking at email at work - without it at home we were screwed! Now it is resolved. So what's going on? A bunch of things. The house is for sale like it or not - Jeff is sick of driving and I wouldn't mind living closer to caves either. Jeff has been in a cave rescue class since last Saturday so I have been alone showing the house to people and working in the yard. I found this dead bat in the yard gripping a mango leaf... Look at the cool little cadaver feet!

The bathroom is almost done - needs a couple new faucet handles and a couple tiles put on. I like this one better than the last one. We'll enjoy it while we can.

The Mano-de-Buddah citron tree fruit is growing nicely and creepily..

We are thinking about all of our cats and how we are going to move them when we do sell the house. We have decided that moving 11 would be more difficult than moving fewer than that so we would like to try to find loving homes for some of them. The first candidate is Blanco. He will warm up to you - he comes up to me, I can pick him up and rub his tummy and he hangs out near the house. He would be even more lovey without the others around since he is mellow and the others sometimes pick on him. He is gorgeous! If you know someone who lives in a safe place and is looking for a good pet please let us know. I would rather part with some of the others but they aren't as sociable and might be disappointing. Here's the angel sitting on the swing.

Mars (on the left) and Pollo (on the right) are best buddies. Pollo cannot be picked up and will run from you but will return to rub against you and will sit with you. Mars isn't as spooky. She is quite vocal. They are best friends.
Blanco and Pollo are good friends too. Everyone is spayed or neutered and they all get Revolution each month for worm and flea control.
We have been getting a little afternoon rain for a week now and there is an explosion of new leaves and flowers going on. This tree just popped into bloom over night!

The flowers are the most yellow yellow ever! It's a common tree you see all over but is spectacular because what you mainly see is flowers - not leaves.

So wish us luck on selling the house. Jeff will be a happier man if he doesn't have to drive 3 hours a day and I will get to see him more - both good things. It'll be rainier further north but I'll manage! And if you are interested in any cats (outdoor spooky ones included) let us know.


Fran and Steve said...

As much as I would love a cat or two, our new neighborhood in Humacao doesn't seem to be cat-friendly. I have only seen one cat and her pastime is antagonizing the many backyard dogs, which creates an endless cacophony of barks. An indoor cat wouldn't work for us. I'll have to wait till we build in Maunabo (years). Best of luck selling the house. Whoever buys it will get a true gem. --Fran

Rosa said...

Good luck to both of you, I can't wait to see what is next for you guys. All good things!