Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cats and a Few Things from the Yard

Well we haven't shown the kitties in a while..have you missed them? We love our kitties! First though, here are a few things in the yard...

These are our first wing beans and a few cherry tomatoes. The wing beans make an interesting x shape when cut cross-wise and taste kind of peanuty raw. They are very fun to grow. The torch ginger is still pumping out tiki torches...

The pineapple continues to grow and I hope gets big enough to harvest before the rain starts (probably in a couple weeks). Too much rain and it won't do so well. Dakota never gets to be a star in the blog so here he is. He is the only guy we brought from the states and he is old. He doesn't really hang out with the others.

Bepo, oh fat Bepo. She is the mother of Stripes, Blanco, Mars and Puff (who we think lives elsewhere).
Chicken who is the old Puerto Rican guy. He is so cute I can't disturb him to make the bed.

Mini is an odd one who has been staying around on pillows or in her basket a lot. She has warmed up to me (not Jeff) and will let me sit with her and pet her. She still is a little skeptical about the need for human touch.

Blanco is beautiful and such a nice cat! He is the one we rescued from inside the log when he was a wee tot. He has gotten soooo nice. I can rub his little tummy and he purrs and purrs. He comes in every day around lunch for a special snack and sleeps under the gingers outside the kitchen door.

Princess is really odd but has gotten much nicer. She rolls when she sees me and likes to sit next to me on the couch. She doesn't see well so she is wary of the other cats.

Pollo and Mars are peering down at the commotion a bunch of the others are causing below on the driveway.

Rip and Stripes are about the wrangle...

Tuca is hiding in the Firecracker flowers...

She runs in and out so Rip will chase her and they both dive in and out of the flowers as if they can't see each other. Rip is going through a little phase where he is asserting himself and terrorizing the others. Bepo, Tuca and Chicken will put him in his place when they've had enough but poor Mars and Mini just run!

The next post will be about the bathroom. The guys spent Saturday and Sunday and are here working now to re tile the bathroom. It is looking nice!

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Anonymous said...

We love your kitties too! Tuca is so beautiful behind the fringe of the plant-WOW! And little RIP doesn't look so little now, he has healed and forgotten that nasty episode. It looks like a flowering cat jungle. YaY!

Thanks Wil