Thursday, February 24, 2011

We Have to Move Closer to My Job Because My Drive is tToo Long

We love our house and where we live but the drive is too much for me. Even the weekends are spent in Aguadilla or passing through to go caving so doesn't make sense for us to continue to live in San German. We have been putting this off as long as possible. We have done so much work in the yard and with the house we really don't want to move, but the jobs are all moving north. The weather is much better in San German than it is up North. We get far more sun and probably 20% less rain here. Unfortunately I spend almost 3 hours a day following the "PR driving rules." It's dangerous, stressful, and costs a lot of money. We have to sell the house and move. We are finally doing the remodel on the master bathroom and everything is really nice now. Even the fruit trees we planted 3 years ago are producing great fruit. The solar system is working well, Katrina just resealed the roof and repainted the walkways, and the house is pretty much how we want it but...I just can't stand the drive. As soon as we can find someone to buy the house we will move to Isabella, Aguadilla or Quebradilla - close to work, caves, and diving. Things could change of course and that's what we kinda have been hoping for but the foreseeable future has me working in Aguadilla. We are ready talk if someone wants buy our house. We'll post more about it later but the location is great (if you aren't working in Aquadilla). It is rural but only 6 minutes off highway 2 and 20 minutes from Mayaguez Mall. There is an Econo and a Mr. Special and Kmart, Payless etc one exit north of us and a perfect location if you work in Mayaguez at the University or at InterAmericana or the Hospital. Hospital Concepcion is 6 minutes away. If you don't work there are services close but it is definitely rural and there is most definitely better weather here (I drive through it all to get home). We have been dreading this but I want to enjoy Puerto Rico and the driving is pretty awful. Jeff


Mike said...

OMG!?! I can appreciate your situation, as that commute must really suck. But, you have such a beautiful house. And mostly, what about the cats?!?

Anonymous said...

We will take them with us of course! We would love for Blanco to have a home where he can be the only cat...Stripes kind of picks on him (maybe Stripes needs to find a home). Even if we left for the States (which isn't happening) we would take them. They are our responsibility! Sucks to leave the house which isn't the usual PR box house...and my fruit orchard...all the mature fruiting trees...and SUNSHINE but hey, I'll see my spouse more. If only he were closer to retirement age! katrina

Britton said...

I can understand your issue with the drive. Doing that every day would get tiresome.

Your house is awesome and I am sure you'll find someone that would like to live there.

We passed on the deal in Isabella, if you'd like to take our spot on it just let me know. It's a good deal and a nice house.

SUMMER said...

Your property is so amazing, I can't believe that you would sell it! (There is no way I could brave a daily PR commute and stay sane, so I do understand)