Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Estoy Afuera!

Success at last...I am out of my T-mobile cell phone contract with no early cancellation fee. I am very excited and never thought it would happen. When I first got T-mobile it worked. The connection was very clear and mostly the connection was, well, connected. I could receive and make calls from the house, most everywhere except at the bottom of the driveway or deep in hills (which I understand). Then around June I figured out that I just wasn't getting any calls and when I did the phone didn't ring and it went to voicemail (which at least I did get). Then Jeff was calling 15 times near 5 pm to try to get through and any calls I made were "call failed." Very frustrating. When it did go through it would cut out after 5 minutes. Then the screen on the phone stopped working and that was the turning point. Maybe it is the phone? (I knew it wasn't). The last thing I wanted to do was buy another phone that I had to pay for and couldn't use with another carrier. So a friend (thank you Diana) had an old T-mobile phone she wasn't using so I popped in my shiny new SIM card (I got it after the first complaint visit) and the battery and had the same problems plus her screen only worked for a little bit before doing what mine did. Nothing. I have 9 months left on the frigging contract!
Visit 2 - they wanted me to buy a phone. Why would I buy a phone when the phone isn't the problem? Why would I spend 30 bucks that I can't use with another carrier which is going to be the only solution (or will it be)? Finally they "loaned" me a phone to try out and had a service guy come to Guama (lots of complaints apparently) to check the tower or something. Supposedly the problem could have been them screwing with stuff to make the G4 upgrade. So today, after having the loaner phone for 2 weeks and resigning myself to the probability that I would have to keep paying for service that worked sometimes and have to pay more elsewhere for a phone that did work for emergencies at the house I went in for one final push of "I am not paying for service I am not getting because it isn't fair." I have to say that I don't expect a lot. I am not an ass trying to get out of a contract I knew was a contract. Something happened to really mess things up and the phone service just wasn't. So I tried to muster up my patience, suppress my anger and be forceful but apologetic at the same time and it worked! I am out and could not be happier. Now all I have to do is find a pay by the minute no contract phone that works here and I will be able to chat occasionally. So if you are trying to reach me use Jeff's 425 phone number. I no longer have a phone. I am going to rest for a few days before I start the new phone search. It'd be nice to have an unlimited plan that is a Puerto Rico area code so our local friends don't have to pay long distance but I don't know if I want to get into a contract (pretty sure I don't).


Fran and Steve said...

Did you ever get a new cell phone? I am shopping for one and have heard horror stories on all local service providers, except one. My cousin got Open Mobile with unlimited minutes in PR, on the mainland, and no mainland roaming. No contract either. Great coverage, at least in the east. He loves it. I'll be checking it out this week, but if you got something else you like, please let us know. Thanks. Fran

Jeff and Katrina Kruse said...

Hi Fran - Yes, I got a 10cent a minute ATT phone that works better than the other T-mobile. I got 10 cents a minute for ALL calls, to the states and local - a miracle by begging (it isn't a real plan). I do have to have Radio Shack put the minutes on which means I pay tax and IVU but it is worth it. I'll have to look into Open Mobile. I would avoid a contract at all costs!Sprint for internet sucks, Direct TV sucked (Dish is far better) and nothing in PR really functions! Jeff's phone is Verizon in the states which is Claro here. His reception isn't always that great but there are open lines and things go through at least. Problem is that is has a 425 area code - Fed Ex, LPG people, UPS...no one here can call it. It is good to have one local area code phone! We still have some lovely kitties - a couple that would love to be insiders! We are worried some won't transition easily or at all. 11 is a lot. katrina