Sunday, June 27, 2010

YuYu 2

So there he is going between the giant boulders.

The scalloping on the rock is smooth but at the same time very sharp. Everything is wet and slippery. The easiest path here is through the water.We get to another area and have to climb up and over.

After all the rappelling and traveling we encounter a tire. Man's reach touches even the most remote of places.

Lots of watery, drippy spots.

This next view is taken by me from in the river below Jeff, and Jeff is looking probably 60 feet up at something embedded in the ceiling. Holy shit! It's a red and white plastic cooler! At some point the water rises THAT HIGH? We were hoping that area was a safe spot to climb to if the water levels started to rise. Guess not.

Now we are back at one of the neatest formations. We are cold and tired but at least heading back. Usually the trip back is shorter than the trip forward, but in this cave it seems incredibly long probably because we are cold and tired. I start imagining I smell hot coffee and popcorn (of all things).Just look at this formation!

More formations.

We have to climb up little pools of swirling water and mini waterfalls. Doesn't this just seem wrong?

This formation almost looks like flowing drapes. Now it is time to go up the rope from a position floating in the water just down from a big waterfall. It kind of looks like Tom is walking on the wall, but the reality is that the rope just hangs straight down into the water and you can't touch the wall until you are at the top.

Then it is back in the river until we return to the entrance. The rope is still there and we take turns going up it. We can tell it is raining above and getting dark. Up the first rope to the landing we go, then up the second rope and into the regular world. Now all we have to do is hike out, drive out and home. We stop at La Familia for some great mofongo and are tired with fat mofongo bellies.

We left the house at 6am and got home around 11 pm. That did include an hour long stop for dinner but....a long and tiring and rewarding day. We were clean until the end when we climbed up and over the muddy lip of the entrance hole. We also had a few slips in the jungle on wet grass that landed us flat in the mud. Next stop is in a week or so...Cueva Camuy! I can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

Amazing, beautiful, educational, inspiring and wonderful thanks for the virtual tour on this cave experience!!!! You guys ROCK and are craZy! ~Cary KKP, WA in route to CA for warm waters!