Monday, September 14, 2009

Me Gusta Cosas de Puerto Rico

I was in Yauco and just love the colorful hillside of houses - no drab barf beige, grisly grey or watery white here - just really really happy colors!

I just love geckos - I like seeing them staring at me from on trunks and leaves of plants, I like hearing them on the screens at night (they sound so big) and don't mind them scooting around the house. I'm not so happy with their legs dangling out of the cats' mouths though or when their bodies are left as gifts for us.

Toads in the night are bizarre. The cats are afraid of them, they gang up and the toads just sit there like this!

From behind they are even creepier in a good way.

I love dancing and crowing roosters and all the hens and chicks that wander around our property. The cats leave them alone and for the most part they don't dig up too much stuff!

I love the sound of coquis in the night - especially after a rain. We don't have air conditioning so they are REALLY loud sometimes (they and their insect buddies who I swear have maracas and drums in their hideouts). When Jeff travels he notices there are no bug noises, no coquis, no chickens and no horses. ..all things I love about being here!


Cassie said...

Wow that hillside is something! Great photos!

Just FYI, if you are talking about plural things you would say "Me gustan _____" (with an N). If it is singular, then it is just me gusta _____.

Such as:

Me gustan estas cosas de Puerto Rico


Me gusta esta cosa

Literal translation: These things from Puerto Rico please me.

Or: This thing from Puerto Rico pleases me.

We usually say "like" in English instead of "please", but if you think "please" it's easier to remember the grammar rule. :-)

¡A mí me gustan las fotos mucho!

Hasta la próxima vez.


Rosa said...

It is amazing how you can capture the frogs or coquis or rain drops...I do love your pictures.

I do agree that Yauco has really nice houses and very colorful.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Katrina! They make me homesick, LOL! Ham

Anonymous said...

WOW those photos are awesome! That shot of Yauco really shows the colors of PR homes! ANd the Coqui- how do you get a pic of them they are always hiding & jumping away.

You made me miss PR even more but I am glad u like it there :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone - roaming the yard at night with a flashlight is always exciting because you can catch a glimpse of interesting bugs and bats and stuff. Things are hard to photograph because it is dark, things stop making noise as soon as you get close and usually there is a breeze at night that moves the plants they are on! It is fun and rewarding when it work out though! katrina

Anonymous said...

Katrina, one of the things I miss the most is looking up to the sky on a clear night. Of course, the best area to look was up towards el Monte del Estado because it is the only area not polluted with light! Living near the equator you get the best sights for planets, stars, constellations, and even man-made satellites. This was 20+ years ago when there were not as many houses. My dad had an old land surveyor's transit which we used as a rudimentary telescope. He said that when the hurricane Georges went through PR and they were without power for 30 days, it reminded him when he was a child because there was no light pollution for that long. I hope you can enjoy the skies as well when you are outside at night sans flashlight, LOL! Thanks again for your beautiful pictures and stories! Ham