Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cat Characters/frequent Visitors Who Want in the Big House

This is one of the original visitors to our little house - Holstein (reminded us of a holstein cow). He is kind of anti-social...the only time I ever touched him he jumped sky high. He doesn't hear very well and I think is kind of old. He has a persnickety personality which is why we like him.
This is Holstein Jr. (inventive name, huh). We don't have much invested in him but he is very very small and cute and hungry.
This is Bepo. The original owner of the house moved and his cat kept coming back to our house and we thought this was her (but it wasn't). We tried to befriend her originally but she is a bitchy little cat. Now we don't want her around but she's hungry and we like her kitten.

This is Bepo Jr. who is a cute but not friendly little cat - female we think (always bitchy). She is really pretty and hard to resist when she presses her little face through the rejas to peer into the big house in the morning with the rest of them.

This is Major Tom - I named him that because for some unexplainable reason I think of the David Bowie song when I see and pet him. I don't know why. I like him a whole lot. I think he is dad to many of the kitties around our place. He has the sweetest little meow and the nicest face. We think he is kind of old and has the beginning of a cataract in his left eye. He lets everyone else eat - he never growls or hisses or anything. He is very very sweet. We have to pick burrs and things off him because he isn't taking care of himself super well. We love him.

And then there's Chicken Little who came into our lives via the chicken group that frequents the yard. He came around every day with the chickens and left with them at night. He still hangs out during the day with them after snoozing in one of our chairs for a few hours after the morning meal. He is one of Major Tom's offspring and has the same really long long tail. At some point soon we will need to neuter him and get him shots etc. He really wants in the Big House! He hops up and hangs on the screen when I am inside in the kitchen so he can look and see me. He is the last little face and the first little face I see peering in day and night. He is definitely a kitty - full of energy, and goofy. He chases his tail, jumps and attacks my toes if I wiggle them and best of all kind of goes in a trance when picked up by the skin of his neck! He follows me around the yard when I am doing "interesting" things. We just built a platform in the Maria Tree for him. So that is the menagerie. It didn't start out that way, there were originally 3 cats and one rooster and 3 hens...then Jeff went on vacation for 17 days and it all changed.

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Vicious Summer said...

That's so cute! We've noticed a black cat that is creeping closer to our house each day. But, I can't imagine the dogs allowing another cat into the family. Cheech spends most of the day terrorizing them already!